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Spare Car Parts in Moorabbin

Whatever you need and whatever the reason why, Lucas Automotive have a wide range of spare parts available to replace, repair and enhance your vehicle. Whether you want a smash mirror fixed or internal parts replaced, give us a call and we’ll work out what product will be best for you.

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Engine Replacement

The engine is like the heart of the car, and no vehicle will function for long with a dodgy engine. So, if your vehicle has a faulty engine, bring it into Lucas Automotive and we will provide a complete engine replacement to keep your car moving.

Subaru Parts

At Lucas Automotive, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of and experience with Subaru vehicles. We have been building and racing Subaru’s for years so if you are in need of a new part or repair for your Subaru, call Lucas Automotive today.

Timing Belts

Replacing your timing belt when your vehicle needs it is imperative to keeping your car safe and roadworthy. If your car is nearing its due date, bring it into Lucas Automotive where we will replace your timing belt and keep your car, specifically Subaru’s, in peak condition for a fraction of the price offered by dealerships.

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